Why Prescriptfit?

The PrescriptFit program is a totally different approach to feeling healthier and losing weight. It is a type of Medical Nutrition Therapy designed to help people improve control of a variety of chronic illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, Fibromyalgia, and more [see HEALTH CONDITIONS and SYMPTOMS] through diet. Amino acids, consumed in the form of tasty shakes, soups, and mousse, are used in combination with a flexible Meal Plan customized to fit your lifetyle.

The good news is we keep it simple. Instead of telling what to eat, we help you learn HOW to eat it.


Oh, and did we mention it’s tasty?


A quick lesson...



The proprietary formula of amino acids used in PrescriptFit supplements was developed from science demonstrating that single amino acids enhance biochemical metabolism of protein and carbohydrates to improve cellular function and healing. These single amino acids have some interesting properites:

>> They are not digested, but are absorbed directly into the blood stream.

>> They enter cells rapidly where they are used in place of sugar for energy.

As we age and become more overweight, our bodies produce chemicals, called cytokines, at levels that cause illness. Branched chain amino acids, in combination with the proprietary formula of single amino acids, appear to improve cytokine balance and metabolism, reduce inflammation [diabetes, heart failure, arthritis, etc], and alleviate illness symptoms [fatigue, joint pain, weakness, energy loss, etc].


     So, what can these amino acids do for you?


Amino acids have unique properties to heal. They can lower insulin and inflammatory cytokine levels, reducing inflammation in the brain, muscles, joints, heart, lungs, intestines, and kidneys. When this happens, you will see a decrease in symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, heartburn, joint and back pain, headache, depression, and insomnia.


When consumed with food and because they are absorbed so quickly, the amino acids alter how that food affects your metabolism. This is especially helpful when you plan to splurge on high fat, high carb foods.

why prescriptfit


No carbs. Zero sugar. Low fat. Eat more veggies. Get more exercise. Sure, it all works. But isn’t it about time for a more simple and affordable plan to help you feel great and look your best? One that doesn’t require so much thought…


We think so, too.


Every individual struggles with time, money, work, family, and unexpected situations that make changing eating habits difficult. Since the PrescriptFit Meal Plan does not eliminate food groups or even put restrictions on portion size, it makes changing those habits a little easier. The Plan, used in combination with PrescriptFit amino acid supplements, is a simple step-by-step guide to help you pinpoint which foods have a negative effect on your body.


    How does the Plan work?

The customizable Meal Plan consists of 13 Phases, beginning with the PrescriptFit amino acid supplements (Phase 1). You will add each Phase back into your diet Every 3, 7, or 14 days [see options below]. By adding them one at a time you are able to see how each food group, or Phase, affects your body [i.e. weight loss slows or symptoms return].


When you see and feel a negative side effect from a particular food group, you will then know to eat those foods cautiously.

prescriptfit phases

So what are your goals?



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