“5 months ago I became concerned about my blood pressure. I tried to pass it off on so many things until I realized “it was my diet”- my obsession with food and eating. I knew I had to make a change. I’m 14 weeks into the program. The first 2 weeks was a challenge, no lie, but I committed to it. My blood pressure is good now and overall I feel great. More energy than I’ve felt in years. The variety of foods you get to add in each phase is really satisfying. I don’t feel deprived or hungry. Now I can make healthy choices that really taste great.

My name is Lynn Mason and Prescript Fit is working for me. 14 weeks and I’ve lost 32 lbs.”

At 420 pounds, I was battling congestive heart failure, kidney failure, being severely swollen, and the realization that I would not be alive very long. Within six weeks after starting The PrescriptFit MNT program, all symptoms and measurements improved, my heart and kidney function returned to normal, and I never missed a day of work. Even better, I spent a fraction of the money that hospitalization and medication would have cost. -Mike, 41, Truck Driver.

darrell-hicksI am new to this program at only a few weeks, but I am very impressed with the results thus far. It takes a minimal effort to control the types of foods I eat (per the program) and the PrescriptFit products make it almost effortless to control my hunger. I have always been a compulsive eater without any real understanding of how to eat healthy. The PrescriptFit products really help me to stay satisfied and control my hunger while eating healthier foods. For the first time in years I am actually satisfied and do not feel hungry all the time. Weight loss is an important factor for many, but for me, the most important benefit of this diet program is the improvement in my health. Losing weight is just a really good byproduct of learning how to eat properly. I use PrescriptFit products to control my hunger, I get a little exercise and hopefully will enjoy a longer and healthier life. Without getting into a lot of detail, I have seen dramatic improvements in my blood sugar level as well as better blood pressure and cholesterol in addition to a significant weight loss. This program using these products makes it much easier. I wish I had this knowledge and these products provided by Dr. Owen 20 years ago. I would already be in much better shape and have a better understanding of nutrition and diet. I am so satisfied with this program, and its results, I can see myself using these products for the rest of my life. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their health, lose weight and better understand nutrition. -Darrell Hicks

diane lollI have been on this plan now on and off for a year or so. The Amino acid base shakes and soups just seem to be what my body craves to feel good. I have been drinking the shakes mainly to feel better, but also need to lose weight. Now that I have buckled down and have been sticking to the PrescriptFit plan, I have lost 30 pounds, and feel so much better then I have in a long time. I recommend this product to anyone who, wants to lose weight, or just wants to feel better. I feel like the shakes are so easy for my body to use and work better. When I eat regular food, I see a difference by that same evening, where I feel sluggish and bloated and tired. Also, Dr. Owen really takes a personal interest in your health and well being. He has personally written me back and answered questions and given his advice on how to proceed with the plan. I really appreciated his feedback, and the time he took out of his life to write to me. So, all around I love PrescriptFit and appreciate the support the staff offers as well. Thank you! -Diane Marconi Loll

mark herringI have been married for 22 years this month and have been over weight for 20 years of it. I chose to get out of the military instead of struggling to lose the weight. My sister in law was extremely successful and suggested this program to me. I skeptically took the challenge and have lost about 35 lbs. I am the size I was 21 years ago. The program has not only increased my energy level but has helped me learn how to eat healthy. This is not only a weight loss program but a training tool for a life of healthy eating. -Mark Herring

shayna-hannerI am a loyal fan/user and I will continue to be for a long time. THIS STUFF WORKS AND TASTES AMAZING! 🙂 -Shayna Hanner

donna-keithI have used this product……and if you follow the diet….you will begin to feel so much better! Like everyone says “IT WORKS!” -Donna Wilson Keith


I have most of my life had to battle weight gain. Now, at age 52, carrying around extra weight for all those years had finally caught up with me. My knees were going bad and my energy levels were low. When I began the PrescriptFit program . I was a notorious snorer – to the point that my wife was beginning to insist that I go and get tested for sleep apnea. Within the first week of being on the PrescriptFit program – I quit snoring and began feeling more rested when I awoke in the morning. It has now been 11 months since I began this diet. I have lost 80 lbs. and, in the process, learned how different food groups affect my health. For instance, I now know that red meat makes me snore. My cholesterol levels are the best they have been in over twenty-five years.

I plan to remain on PrescriptFit in order to maintain my weight and overall health. It is by far the best dietary plan that I have ever been exposed to in life. Thank you Dr. Owen for a praiseworthy contribution to healthy eating and living. -Randy Hommel