What is it?

Asthma can be caused by an allergic reaction or triggered by a number of factors not related to allergies. Exercises, exposure to cold air, or heartburn are some non-allergy related triggers. Environmental factors such as tobacco smoke, pollutants, and stress, as well as biological factors, related on ones internal chemistry, appear to trigger attacks.

What causes it?

The main contributor to asthma is inflammation within the lungs. This leads to constriction of the airway muscles, stimulation of mucous production, and flooding of the airways with inflammatory cells.

What role might cytokines play?

Cytokines trigger inflammation that may result in asthma. Branched chain amino acids may improve out of balance cytokines and significantly reduce symptoms. Most new asthma medications directly attack cytokines (called leukotrienes). Therefore, logic dictates a trial of MNT to measure asthma improvement.

What results could I expect with MNT?

Based on clinical data, asthma improves in many patients using the MNT Plan, especially in Food Phases 1 and 2. Additionally, PrescriptFit may improve asthma by removing the thousands of different nutrients, bacteria, and chemicals in a normal diet. Food Phases 1 and 2 of the Plan limit exposure to nutrients and particles that might trigger inflammation. As a specific food group is added in, note if asthma worsens. A specific food group may contribute to asthma in one person but not another. Those foods high in fat, sugar, and dairy products should be especially monitored to see if symptoms worsen after eating.

How can I measure symptom change on the plan?

First, see your doctor right away for any symptoms of asthma. Have you doctor share with you what measurements indicate that you have asthma and if your asthma might be from an allergy. Next, complete the Disease/ Symptoms Questionnaire in your Workbook Calendar for a baseline to compare your future measures.

Most importantly, you (and your doctor) need a way to measure progress over time. Talk with you doctor at each regular visit about your symptoms and how they might change using the Plan. Be sure to have your doctor take the same measurements after 12 weeks on the MNT Plan as you had taken at the baseline mark.

With PrescriptFit, you may find that as your symptoms lessen, you will need to take less medication OR perhaps discontinue your medications entirely. If you are taking prescription medicines, talk to your doctor about when and how to cut down on what you take.